Saving Money on Your Groceries Using Extreme Coupon

With prices of goods, gas, food, electricity, water going up, high unemployment and inflation rate going out of control, saving money out of household expenses is becoming more and more significant. Reducing your utility bills by using less electricity, gas, and water won’t cut it. You have to slash services like premium cable channels and landscape services. But what about everyday necessities like groceries?

According to USA Today, an average American family spends at least $500 in monthly groceries alone. That includes food, toiletries, clothes, cleaning products and pet items. We all know that it is not easy to eliminate some of these costs. We are talking about necessities, proper nutrition, and hygiene. But what if you can save money with your groceries without removing essential goods?

What if I tell you can save at least $1000 on groceries? Isn’t it amazing, right? The big question here is, how? The answer is coupons. Before we talk about how to take advantage of coupons, let’s take a look at the different types of coupon users and where will you fit.

The casual

This type of couponer is where most people fit in. Every time they go fur a grocery, they will pay the whole cart and hand out less than ten coupons saving a few bucks, minimum at least.

Generic brand shopper

Many people also find themselves being this kind of coupon user. They prefer to buy generic brands instead of branded items since they figured out that they can save more money doing it, even if they use coupons on branded items. Buying generic brands will save them at least $200 on groceries every month. And that’s without using a single coupon.

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Coupon Shopper

With the right circumstances and the right coupons, people can save a lot of money buying branded items using coupon strategies. Coupon shoppers waited for things to go on sale, and they capitalize on that. Combining store sale and coupons from manufacturers will get you at least 70% off from the original price. That’s the loophole couponers take advantage.

Extreme couponer

Using store coupon and manufacturer’s coupon in the same item is one of the many strategies extreme couponers use to get significant savings. It is almost free of charge. They also take advantage of a buy-one-get-one-free sale. Looking for the best deal is one of the many talents extreme couponers have. Their motto, “If it is not free, it’s not a good deal.”

As crazy as it may sound, but this method can save you a lot of money. It can even get you free groceries if you know how to do it correctly. You don’t have to be embarrassed in front of the cashier. Just find the right strategy to use the coupons. It is all about using the right coupons at a particular item. Timing is everything, instead of using them immediately, try to hold on to it and find the right time and the right sale before using it. Wait for the store to have a great deal. Imagine the day after Black Friday, and stores are still trying to clear out their mattress products. They will have exclusive sales with a two for a price of one deal. For example, you have two $10 Puffy Mattress coupon codes, and the price for their buy-one-get-one-free mattress are $22 with a regular price of $15 each. Since it is a buy-one-take-one deal, you saved almost $28 for two mattresses. That’s tough to beat. There’s no trick or magic to it. Just pure patience, luck and some trial and error.

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